Every Day’s a Holiday

Every Day’s A Holiday Group Flier. At group time you can join us on Zoom by registering on the HeyPeers.com platform.

Every Day’s a Holiday is a peer support group where we use holidays, awareness days, and other observances to learn about and support one another.

Join us each Monday at 3pm-4pm Pacific on Zoom. Our facilitator will sometimes come prepared with a little education on a current or upcoming holiday or observance pulled from our Calendar of Cultural and Religious observances but the majority of the group will be member led discussion around both things our members are celebrating in their personal lives and those many cultural, religious, awareness, and sometimes even silly celebrations we can find! There’s always a reason to celebrate!

If it is a Monday and nearly 3pm Pacific

Come join the party:


Meeting ID: 834 2055 3431

Every Day’s A Holiday