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Resources here are very random! Most links that appears here will eventually be sorted into categorial pages on the Resources Blog, (unless deemed not useful or harmful) but are thrown here as a publicly accessible holding place until those categories can be properly put together and published, or updated with new resources I’ve come across since the collection was published or updated.

If a resource was here and has disappeared check the topic lists! It’s most likely found a home in a logical place. Or ask via form on homepage.

What to Say When Someone Tells You ‘It’s for Your Own Good’

Why Sad Songs Make You Feel Good

Give Yourself a Mental Boost With Some Joyscrolling

How to Effectively Summarize Important Information for Your Boss

How to Stop Looking at Your Ex’s Social Media 

Connection to Humanity Quiz | Greater Good

Understanding Fight, Flight, Freeze and the Fawn Response | Psychology Today

What Is a Functional Resume, and When Do You Use One? | The Muse 

The 5 Tiers Of Friendship

How to Create a Simple Plant-Watering Schedule

Why Can’t I Remember My Childhood: Possible Explanations

The Dash Poem (By Linda Ellis) by Matt

pop.in! games on group video

Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) | Reducing Poverty in America

HOME | tccsc

The Museum of Conceptual Art 

Mental Health Association San Francisco: Home

5 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up

15 Ways We Beat Ourselves Up

31 Best ASMR Artists: The Top Channels on Youtube

28 ASMR Triggers: Isolated and Ambient Sounds, Visuals, More

Stressed Out by the News? How a Short Meditation Can Help

Why People Ruminate and Tips to Stop

Rumination Focused CBT (RFCBT) Worksheets


Overcoming a Fear | Practice | Greater Good in Action

How Anxiety Hides in Your Habits

Job Accommodation Network: JAN


Episodes Memory Palace podcast

Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: What Is the “Shadow”?

Five Ways Nostalgia Can Improve Your Well-Being

Forgiveness Definition | What Is Forgiveness

The Importance of Accepting Compliments – PsychAlive

CalHOPE Home


Family On-Demand – Assistance and Socialization for Seniors

The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks 


The How to Find Best Types of Happiness in Your Life



Individual Monthly Membership (with 2 Month Free Trial) – ADDA

 Planner Pads: Planners and business organizers to improve life


How to Make Your Resume Stand Out With Action Verbs | TopResume

What To Include in the Education Section of a Resume | TopResume

How to Get an Internship in College When You Don’t Know Anybody

The Case for a Targeted Job Search and How to Conduct One


Pressured Speech: Definition, Symptoms, and Causes

Somatic Experiencing: How It Can Help You

This Simple Writing Technique Will Help You Overcome the Inertia of Perfectionism

How to Start a Digital Journal: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Why People Ruminate and Tips to Stop

How to Forget Things On Purpose

Healthy Coping Skills for Uncomfortable Emotions 

CBT Techniques: Tools for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Why It’s Time to Ditch Resume Objective Statements | TopResume

How to regain your focus when you’re totally stressed out

Being Polyvagal: The Polyvagal Theory Explained – Windhorse Integrative Mental Health

Volunteering and the Job Search | TopResume

Sample Job Descriptions to Enhance Your Resume | TopResume

Trauma and the Nervous System from the Polyvagal Theory Perspective – Dr. Gabor Maté

Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective






Panic Attack Hangover: After-Effects and Recovery Tips | Banyan Mental Health


Social Anxiety and the Fear of Eating in Front of Others

12 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Eating in Public

Are You Nervous Eating In Front Of Others? 4 Tips For Eating Anxiety

How to Stop Feeling Nervous About Eating Around Other People

What Is Walking Meditation? Benefits & Practice | Mindworks

Anxiety tools

Why Do I Feel Anxious When I Wake Up in the Morning?

Tips for Coping with Morning Anxiety | Wake Forest University

Identifying and Coping With Anticipatory Anxiety 

Facts & Statistics | Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA

​Why is anxiety spiking in young people but not older adults? – Big Think

6 books to help you through anxious times – Big Think

10 things you may not know about anxiety – Big Think

85 Percent of What We Worry About Never Happens | HuffPost Life


The Procrastination Doom Loop—and How to Break It

How to Escape the Procrastination Doom Loop – RescueTime Blog

Procrastination: An emotional struggle – Counseling Today

 Improve Your Productivity With the 2-minute Rule The gist of the 2-minute rule is that if something will take two minutes or less to complete, you should just do it. 

Pomodoro Technique:

focus booster | pomodoro app and time tracker for online and web 

5 Planning Calendar Apps to Schedule Your Tasks and Be More Productive 

5 Time-Saving Apps to Have Better Meetings Both Online and Offline

The 5 Best Features of Harvest for Time Tracking, Reporting, and Billing of Projects

How to Steal Time for Your Creative Work

Remember The Milk is a to-do list app that you can utilize to remember the tasks you want to perform in the morning. This tool will remind you to do your scheduled tasks using the notification feature of this app. It also lets you prioritize the tasks and use tags.

Perdoo is an OKR app that will help you manage your personal productivity goals. You can track and visualize the objectives and get inspiration to become disciplined.


Cold Turkey is a focus app that you can use to regulate the use of websites. This app also lets you whitelist vital websites and block the rest.

Meditation app Insight Timer can help you achieve peace of mind with thousands of free guided meditations.

Habitify is a personal habit-building assistant for developing healthy habits and tracking them. Besides its huge list of habits, you can also add any unlisted habits and track them using suitable metrics.  https://www.makeuseof.com/track-build-habits-using-habitify/


You can use MeisterTask to create your personalized board where you can enlist all the tasks and habits. This flexible tool lets you add and organize unlimited tasks for keeping track of their progress.

8 Self-Management Skills to Acquire for Personal and Work-Life Productivity

Travel more

25 travel goals to check off your bucket list – six-two by Contiki

Read more

Audiobooks Vs EBooks Vs Physical Books: Which One Is The Best?

Cultural Humility

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement, Explained | Teen Vogue

Live life to the fullest

The Science of Happiness | edX

Save more money / spend less money

Financial Goals Examples | 7 Personal Finance Goals | credit.org

Quit smoking

Quitting Tobacco pdf from Sanford Health

Committing to Quitting: Your Stop-Smoking Plan

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Weekly Review

How to create SMART weight loss goals and achieve them

11 Self-Sabotaging Phrases to Drop From Your Vocabulary

8 Common Conversation Phrases You Should Avoid (and What to Say Instead)

All the Different Ways You Can Silence Stupid People on Facebook

Be a Better Conversationalist by ‘Supporting’ Instead of ‘Shifting’

Before Trying to Comfort Someone, Understand Their ‘State of Distress’

How to Offer Help to Someone in a Crisis

Don’t Say These Things to Someone Who Has Lost Weight (and What to Say Instead)

The Evolution of Family Systems Theory | by Lisa Bradburn | BeingWell | Medium

Family Systems Therapy

What are Ego States? • Counselling Tutor

Migraine and Sensory Overload: Tips to Cope – Life Effects By Teva]






Healthline: Future of Health