Behind bluepeersupport.com:

Hi, my name is Blue. I’m a Peer Support specialist who has spent her entire life in Southern California. For this reason our resources can be California heavy but we strive to find resources applicable to people from a variety of locations and backgrounds. I say “we” a lot but right now we is just me.

I began this site as a companion for an online support group and it’s been growing since. At this point this is just one girl’s hobby. I would love to see this cautiously grow into an organization so we can support more people in bigger ways as time goes by.

I strive to be consistent and careful to share relevant resources which are reputable. That being said I am just one person and I have health issues and therefore sometimes miss many goals. I am bedbound, dealing with a variety of physical and mental health symptoms, and have very limited professional support from health professionals for a variety of reasons I will not be getting into here. I say this to explain that I’m doing the best I can, mostly as a reminder to the perfectionism in me that says “DO MORE, DO BETTER” that I am one person doing what I can when I can. This site is a hobby. I have a job as a Peer Counselor at a Peer Run Warmline. I also have a volunteer position with another peer run organization. And, as I mentioned, I have health issues to deal with. All of those things come before the website.

Want to know more about me? Ask.

About the site:

Most of the resources on this site are free (or low cost and noted and such). We believe in the power of peer support and community care as well as self sufficiency. We also believe that each person needs to determine what path is right for them and have the right to change their mind at any time. We strive for inclusivity of our audience.

Links on this site have been looked at before being shared but not always dug deep into and therefore a link on this site does not guarantee it is safe and reputable and by the nature of the internet, sites may have been a good resource when added and since changed. Please inform us if you find a link that requires review. Please also send us links and info you believe is missing from our collections. We will look it over and add it as time and energy allows. This could be hours, this could be months. If it hasn’t been added within a month, feel free to remind us. As stated in the behind the site section, this site is a hobby and only gets worked on when health, work and other commitments allow and a lack of response is not a reflection on you or your resource.

How you can help:

We welcome ideas and supports in many ways but are not requesting or requiring anything from . Please reach out to us if you have an idea on how to contribute to growing and expanding BluePeerSupport.

Some simple ways to help: