Expressing and Understanding Emotions

Talking About Your Feelings: Dos and Don’ts

7 Tips On How To Share Your Feelings When You’re Bad At It 

How to Talk About Your Feelings: 6 Tips

How to Talk About Your Feelings

How to talk about your feelings (A TED talk playlist)

I Need to Talk About My Feelings: Why it’s Important and What to Do

How to talk about your feelings effectively with loved ones 

How to talk about your feelings

How to Express Your Emotions in A Healthy Way: 30 Practical Tips from Positive Psychology

How to Express Your Feelings With Your Partner from Very Well Mind

How to Express Your Feelings: Tips and Benefits from Psych Central

How to Get Better at Expressing Your Feelings from The Atlantic

List of Emotions: 5 Ways to Express Your Feelings from Greatist

How to Express Feelings… and How Not To from Psychology Today

How to Use a FEELINGS THERMOMETER Effectively (Emotions Chart for Kids)

Emotions Worksheets

Don’t neglect your emotions. Express them — constructively! | Artūrs Miksons | TEDxRiga

Expressing Emotions Through Creativity: A 6-Step Art Process

How to Draw Your Feelings ( + Paint Them Too) — Thirsty For Art

Feelings Finder: Helping Kids and Teens Cope with Emotions

Honest Open Proud progam (which Project Return and other organizations offer training in). Access the Manual and Resources page for free downloads on the site for self-education.  

How to Talk About Your Mental Health with Your Employer from Harvard Business Review

Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace and the ADA from ADA National Network

How to Control Your Emotions: 11 Strategies to Try

Why You May Experience Emotional Detachment & What to Do About It 

Experiencing and Expressing Emotion | University of Illinois Counseling Center

Healthy Coping Skills for Uncomfortable Emotions via Very Well Mind

Emotion Grid Exercise

A Definitive Guide to Jungian Shadow Work: How to Get to Know and Integrate Your Dark Side

What Is Shadow Work? How To Do It + 3 Starter Exercises

Shadow Work: Benefits, How To, Practices, & Dangers

30 Shadow Work Prompts – What is Shadow Work + How to Do it

Shadow Work: The Ultimate Guide + Free Psychological Test

Shadow Work: What It Is, How To Do It, And Where Does It Come From?

60 Days of Shadow Work Journal Prompts For Healing and Growth

Feelings Wheel - Black and White
Emotion Wheel – Using A Feelings Wheel to Name and Understand Emotions

What is Inner Work? (& Why Most People Are Terrified By it)

What Is Inner Work And How To Transform Your Life

The Importance of Inner Work – Jason E. Smith, IAAP

What is Inner Child Work?

What Does it Mean to Do Your Inner Work? — Dr. Yvette Erasmus

Feelings: Handle them before they handle you | Mandy Saligari | TEDxGuildford

Doing your inner work through the monthly Inner Worksheet

How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation

The Emotion Wheel: What It Is and How to Use It [+PDF] 

How Emotion Wheels Help You Understand Your Feelings

Does Venting Your Feelings Actually Help?

How to Open Up Without Getting Overwhelmed 

How to Feel Your Feelings (and Why You Should)

How to Tell If You’re Oversharing (and How to Stop It)

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