Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources
Tweet by @AnneDoepner: My dad once wrote a note to use and put it in a drawer. The note said “if you’re scared to tell me something, just bring me this note as a reminder that I’m here to support you. I won’t get mad; I will work with you on a solution.” Best way to keep your kids talking to you.
Do you react or respond to your kids?
Alternatives to “No” and negative parenting language
Simple Ways to Speak Your Child’s Love Language 
Children copy everything they see their parents do. Except sleep.
You’re not a bad mom if
Not every kid has the same experiences, but every kid wants to be…loved, accepted, affirmed, challenged. – Jeff Veal
Shout out to the parents healing their own childhood wounds so they can show up in their relationships with their own kids

Authoritative parenting is best style for raising confident kids: Child  psychologist
4 Parenting styles
Sesame Street Monster Meditations Playlist

5 Dad Sites for Fathers to Find Parenting Advice and Practical Tips

Water Is the Ultimate Parenting Hack 


Handling mistakes and challenging behaviors

6 Phrases that stop backtalk
Excuse me - say this gently and firmly. This lets your child know that they have crossed the line. It also does not invite more back talk.
You sound upset and angry - Responding with empathy helps kids feel less threatened and has the power struggles in their tracks.
Rewind, let's try again - A simple, gentle way to let your child know that they are behaving badly. Using the word, "Let's" shows them that you are on the same team. The underlying message is, "we can work through this and stay calm together..."
Take a deep breathe... - Taking a deep breath physiologically helps you calm down. If you do this often, it can become a signal to kids that you are upset and a hint that they should start toeing the line. Sometimes you might not even need to say anything else.
Can you say that respectfully? - This should be said when you are calm. The underlying message is one of faith, "I know you can improve your behavior and be respectful..."
I think we all need a break now - When both you and your child are in the "red zone", mad and totally overwhelmed, this is probably your best response.
INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Phrases the Stop Backtalk


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