Latinx Resources

Latinx Resources

Non-Location Specific Latine Resources

American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry

Description of Services: Promotes the research, education, advocacy, and support for those in the Hispanic community. Offers a “Find a Physician” feature on their website.
Phone: (972) 613-0985

Melanin & Mental Health

Description of Services: Connects individuals with culturally competent clinicians committed to serving the mental health needs of Black & Latinx/Hispanic communities. Promotes the growth
and healing of diverse communities through its website, online directory and events.
Specific Target Population: Black & Latinx/Hispanic communities

Mental Health America’s Resources for Latinx/Hispanic

Description of Services: General mental health Spanish speaking resources, including a list of Spanish language materials and Spanish-language screening tools.
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish

NAMI’s Compartiendo Esperanza

Description of Services: A 90-minute program to increase mental health awareness in Latino communities by sharing the presenters’ journeys to recovery and exploring signs and symptoms of mental health conditions. The program also highlights how and where to find help./Compartiendo Esperanza: No Hay Salud Sin Salud Mental: Through stories and quotes, this booklet provides mental health information in a sensitive manner. Recovery is possible, and this
booklet tells you where to find more information, seek help and be supportive. You can preview the booklet for free or buy hard copies through the NAMI Bookstore.

Psychology Today: Find a Hispanic and Latino Therapist

Description of Services: A directory of Latinx/Hispanic therapists.

Therapy for Latinx

Description of Services: A database of therapists who either identify as Latinx or has worked closely with the and understands the unique needs of the Latinx community. The website is also offered in Spanish.
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish

The Steve Fund

Description of Services: The Steve Fund is the nation’s only organization focused on supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of young people of color. The Steve Fund works with colleges and universities, non-profits, researchers, mental health experts, families, and young people to promote programs and strategies that build understanding and assistance for the mental and emotional health of the nation’s young people of color. The Fund
holds an annual conference series, Young, Gifted & @Risk, and offers a Knowledge Center with curated expert information. With multicultural mental health experts it delivers on-campus and
on-site programs and services for colleges and non-profits, and through tech partnerships it provides direct services to young people of color.
Specific Target Population: Young people of color
Phone: (401) 249-0044

Bay Area California Resources

CARECEN SF Family Wellness Program

Description of Services: CARECEN (Central American Resource Center) SF’s Family Wellness Program responds to the needs of families facing multiple barriers or in crisis as a result of migratory status, poverty, social isolation, violence, and other social and health
disparities. The program emphasizes participant-centered, strength-based, and culturally affirming approaches to support the families we partner with. The program offers: Individual and family counseling; Comprehensive case management and family support; Information, referrals and service connection; System navigation and advocacy; Language access support.
Specific Target Population: Low-income and immigrant families with children birth to 18-years-old; Recently arrived unaccompanied children and families in San Francisco Immigration Court
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish
Phone: (415) 872-7465
Address: 3143 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Community Youth Center

Description of Services: The Behavioral Health component provides case management and individual and family therapy for youth and their families. Clinicians and case managers conduct psycho-social assessments, address mental health stigma, limited access to linguistically and culturally appropriate services, and co-factors specific behavioral health issues such as violence, chronic truancy, and substance use prevention.
Specific Target Population: Asian Pacific, Latino, and African American youth
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish, Tagalog, Cantonese, Mandarin
Phone: (415) 775-2636
Address: 1038 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94109

Instituto Familiar de la Raza

Description of Services: Group interventions for girls, LGBTQ youth, and at-risk youth; individual care management; therapy and mental health services; and trauma, recovery, and healing services
Specific Target Population: Latinx, Chicano, Indigena SF community
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish
Phone: (415) 229-0500
Address: 2919 Mission Street San Francisco, CA

La Casa des Madres

Description of Services: La Casa provides support across 9 community locations. Our Drop in Center is our hub where the majority of services are provided, including: crisis intervention, safety planning and risk assessment, counseling, support groups, shelter intakes, and housing assistance. Also offers a 24/7 crisis hotline.
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish
Office Phone: (415) 503-0500
Crisis Phone: (877) 503-1850
Text Phone: (415) 200-3575
Email: Info@Lacasa.Org
Address: 1269 Howard Street, San Francisco, Ca, 94103

Línea de Apoyo

Description of Services: Information, referrals, & counseling for general mental health, suicide prevention, & HIV/AIDS. Spanish only.
Specific Target Population: Spanish-speaking only
Languages Spoken (other than English): Spanish
Phone: (415) 989-5212
Toll Free Phone: (800) 303-7432
After Hours Phone: (415) 781-0500

Mental Health Association of San Francisco (MHA SF) People of Color Support Group

Description of Services: A weekly supportive group to discuss issues, strategies, and resources relevant to People of Color in our community, particularly during the crisis of COVID-19. Meeting every Monday: 10:30 am-12:00 pm; currently being held on Zoom during COVID.
Phone: (415) 421-2926
Email (General):
Email (Support Groups):
Address: 870 Market Street, Suite 928 San Francisco, CA 94102

NAMI SF BIPOC Support Group

Description of Services: This is a peer support group held by NAMI SF specifically to create a safe space to support the needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in San Francisco. The group meets monthly on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month, at 6PM PST.
Specific Target Population: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

NAMI SF Mental Health 101 Presentation

Description of Services: Mental Health 101 is a program designed for community groups and organizations including religious organizations and centers of learning and support. This presentation is designed to end the stigma surrounding mental health by starting the conversation and providing an opportunity to learn about mental health conditions through an informative PowerPoint, personal testimony, and open Q&A. The presentation is designed for a variety of culturally diverse communities, and can be customized to fit the audience.
Specific Target Population: Religious organizations, community groups, diverse populations,
schools and educational institutions


Description of Services: PEERS is a diverse community of people with mental health experiences. Our mission is to promote innovative peer-based wellness strategies. We create culturally-rich, community-based mental health programs that honor diverse experiences and eliminate stigma and discrimination. We envision a world where people can freely choose among many mental health options that address the needs of the whole person. We see a future where people with mental health experiences are valued for their essential contributions to society.
Specific Target Population: BIPOC and other diverse communities in the Bay Area
Phone: (510) 832-7337
Address: 333 Hegenberger Road, Suite 250 Oakland CA 94621

Therapists of Color (TOC)

Description of Services: Directory of BIPOC therapists in the Bay Area and throughout California.

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