Understanding Trauma and its Effects

Trauma Resources

Trauma general info and connections

Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective from The Trauma Foundation
Let’s Talk About Trauma – A Wound That Never Fully Heals | Matilde Antunes | TEDxYouth@CAISL

The Body Keeps the Score


Medical PTSD

Childhood Trauma

Complex Trauma

OneMind Psyberguide PTSD app reviews

App NameCredibilityRanges from 0 to 5.00User ExperienceRanges from 1.00 to 5.00TransparencyProfessional Review
Happify: For Stress & Worry5.004.59AcceptableRead the Professional ReviewforHappify: For Stress & Worry
myStrength4.673.86Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
PTSD Coach4.673.90AcceptableRead the Professional ReviewforPTSD Coach
SuperBetter4.674.39AcceptableRead the Professional ReviewforSuperBetter
7Cups: Online Therapy4.00Not Yet AvailableNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
CBT-i Coach4.002.95Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Virtual Hope Box4.003.59AcceptableNot Yet Available
GG Self Esteem & Confidence3.673.58Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Sinasprite3.673.79AcceptableNot Yet Available
Talkspace Counseling & Therapy3.673.71AcceptableNot Yet Available
Clinicom3.18Not Yet AvailableNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Covid Coach2.674.49Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
PE Coach 22.673.68AcceptableRead the Professional ReviewforPE Coach 2
Serenity: Guided Mental Health2.333.73Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
UP! – Depression, Bipolar & Borderline Management2.333.80AcceptableNot Yet Available
ACT Coach2.003.45Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Catch It2.003.20QuestionableNot Yet Available
CPT Coach2.003.15QuestionableNot Yet Available
Wellness Checkpoint2.00Not Yet AvailableNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Wisdo2.003.81Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Dream EZ1.673.37Not Yet AvailableRead the Professional ReviewforDream EZ
iChill1.67Not Yet AvailableNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Mooditude1.67Not Yet AvailableNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Stress & Anxiety Companion1.673.90Not Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Withsto1.36Not Yet AvailableNot Yet AvailableNot Yet Available
Bust PTSD1.332.14UnacceptableNot Yet Available
Aetheria1.00Not Yet AvailableUnacceptableNot Yet Available
PTSD Hub1.00Not Yet AvailableQuestionableNot Yet Available

Manage Your Trauma with These Apps | Vantage Point Recovery

Mobile Apps – PTSD – VA

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