Financial Wellness

This is part of our series on the Dimension of Wellness.

According to OSU.og: The financially well person is fully aware of financial state and budgets, saves and manages finances in order to achieve realistic goals. Through planning, budgeting and saving the financially well person develops strategies to support the life they want to live now and in the future. Create a monthly budget that is personalized and based on your income, expenses, wants and needs. Check your credit report annually and maintain awareness of your credit score. If you have student loans, explore the different options for loan repayment.   

Financial Management Tools and Resources 

Student Loan Tools and Resources 

Other Helpful Tools and Resources 

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Data Shows Strong Link Between Financial Wellness and Mental Health

How Can Financial Wellness Affect Your Health?

Explore NDI’s Free Financial Wellness Tools!

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Tips for Financial Wellness – Wedbush Securities.

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