Dimensions of Wellness

The words Dimensions of Wellness overlay an image of a road surrounded by fields and a cloudy sky.

The most common models of dimensions of wellness include 8 different dimensions but models adopting anywhere from 6 to 12 are also easily found. I chose a model that included 10 dimensions which is used by Ohio State University, among others.

Before we get into the list of dimensions, let’s first define Wellness. According to OSU.org

Wellness is defined as active and ongoing process that allows individuals and the broader community to reach their full potential. 

  • Individual wellness involves being happy and satisfied with life, having basic needs met, and contributing to the communities in which we live. 
  • Community wellness involves creating and sustaining an environment that is equitable and just for all.

Foundational to wellness are the pillars of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. In order to promote wellness, one must understand that not all persons have equal access and opportunity due to systemic and structural barriers. In addition, it is critical that an individual and organization understand and interact effectively with people who have different values, lifestyles, and traditions based on their distinctive heritage, social relationships and identity. 

To keep this page from becoming ten miles line each individual dimension will be discussed in more detail on it’s own page linked from this list:

Ten Dimensions of Wellness (in alphabetical order)

Learn more about dimensions of wellness in general:

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