Online support groups, warmlines, support chatrooms, and similar resources

We are always looking to expand our resource lists. Please submit any resources or updated info related to this topic to us via our Submit Resources page with a note of where it fits.

What are support groups and why?

Support Groups: Types, Benefits, and What to Expect –

What Is a Support Group?

Mental Health Support Groups: Pros & Cons | U.S. News

Support Groups: How Do They Help? | Winchester Hospital

9 Benefits of Support Groups | Advocating for Better Mental Health

The Advantages of Support Groups and Why You Should Join One

Support group

Support groups: The pros and cons as a complement to therapy – Dr. Patrick Keelan, Calgary Psychologist

How to choose the right support group

Pros and Cons of Online Support Groups | Recovery First

Video conference (such as Zoom or similar) based support groups.  is actually from the same creators of SGC and has many similar features. It has some additional options, though some features are still in need of some work. Pre-register for meetings from a selection of numerous organizations and individuals. There are both Free and Paid accounts on this site, with the Paid accounts unlocking various tracking tools. Some meetings are free, while others have a small fee to attend.


ShareWell is organized into peer community groups called Wells. Anyone who has personal experience of the Well topic is welcome to join the community. You might find multiple Wells of interest to you, and you are more than welcome to join them all! New Wells are constantly being added as the community grows.

The Mighty is a safe and supportive community to find the people and information you need as you navigate health. Mighty Events are a resource or service to connect people and help them through their health journeys. Find out more by visiting The Might Events Site.

PRPSN (Project Return Peer Support Network) offers numerous online support groups which are open to people from anywhere, a nation-wide warmline, and numerous services and resources around the LA, California area including in-person support groups, a respite house, and other services. They are also one of the leading organizations for training Certified Peer Support Specialists.

Check out this great Find Support Groups page over at Mental Health America for tons of great resources which includes a list of specialized groups such as AA, Recovery International, DBSA, National Eating Disorder Association, and many more.

NAMI is another great resource for finding Support Groups (and many other resources. You can find your local chapter via

Recovery International offers a cognitive behavioral training method developed by the late neuropsychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low. For more than 80 years, this method has helped people learn to identify and manage negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that can lead to emotional distress and related physical symptoms. Meeting Materials – Recovery International

Online Wellness Resources | GMHCN Georgia’s Peer Support, Wellness, and Respite Centers seems to be a dual-diagnosis focused but welcoming of all regardless of diagnosis and geographic location according to a member.

Share Self Help offers Los Angeles in-person self-help groups as well as hybrid and online groups. Small fees may be required by members.

Specialized Support Groups


Individual Monthly Membership ($7.60 / month with a 2-month free trial) – ADDA – Attention Deficit Disorder Association ADDA Individual Membership benefits include: Free registration for ADDA’s Webinar series, as well as free access to our entire archives of Webinar recordings and article archives. Exclusive discounts on event prices. Access to ADDA’s Virtual Support Groups at no additional cost where you will find support, connection, and understanding all while sharing information and resources with others who truly get it! Networking opportunities guarantee connection with experts, health professionals, researchers, coaches, educators, professional organizers, ADHD advocates, and, most importantly, with other adults with ADHD. Educational resources offer a chance to interact with ADHD specialists and experts while enhancing your knowledge base and finding up-to-date, accurate, and honest information about ADHD. ADDA offers a wealth of services and resources for adults with ADHD…and more.

Art focused (see also our Creative Outlets page)

Painted Brain’s primary mission in regards to the mental health system is to introduce community back into the community mental health system. They do this via art groups. The groups use art activities to get people talking, interacting and having fun with each other.

One of the Most Comprehensive Online Resources of Art & Healing Organizations

Art With Impact promotes mental wellness by creating space for young people to learn and connect through art and media.

Chronic Illness/Disability

Where To Find Active Chronic Illness Community Support Groups Online

Online support groups by and for people with Lyme disease.

Divorce (see also our Healthy Relationships page)

The 7 Best Online Divorce Support Groups of 2021

The 8 Best Online Divorce Support Groups of 2022

Eating Disorders (see also our page of apps, articles etc. related to all things eating)

EDRC Body Image and ED Support Group – Eating Disorders Resource Center

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) has a directory of ED related support groups.

Virtual & In-Person Eating Disorder Support Groups from the Center for Discovery

Financial and Shopping

Self-Help Groups for Shopping Addiction

Grief (see also our grief resource page)

Virtual & Remote Grief Support Groups via Phone or Zoom | VITAS Healthcare

Mood and Anxiety (see also our Depression coping tools page)

Center for Discovery and Discovery Mood & Anxiety offer free online support groups for anyone who has been impacted by an eating disorder or mental health.

OCD (see also our OCD resources page)

International OCD Foundation | Support Groups

The 5 Best Online Support Groups for OCD in 2022

Parent focused (see also our Parenting resources page)

Single & Parenting – Single-parent support groups, ministry & parenting tips – Single & Parentin

Virtual Support Groups | Parents Helping Parents

Peer Supporters, Front Line Workers, Health Care Personel etc.

Intentional Peer Support Weekly Co-Learning Group

Frontline Workers Counseling Project Support Groups

Schizophrenia, Psychosis and other unusual or extreme experiences

New Online Groups! – Hearing Voices Network USA


8 Online Communities for Seniors to Join

Sleep (see also our Sleep Hygiene page)

Sleep Disorder Suport Groups

AWAKE Network Map

Participating in Support Groups as a Person With Idiopathic Hypersomnia


Frendii is a subscription driven social club for women. Focused on local in person meet ups.


What’s a Warmline? A warmline is a peer-run listening line staffed by people in mental health recovery themselves. Each warmline has it’s own policies on how often and how long calls can be. Each warmline operator has their own unique style and personality. Your call with each mentor will vary as not every one is a good match, don’t give up if you have an unhelpful experience, try again during another shift or another warmline.

The links below will lead you to list of warmlines, many of which are regional. It’s generally best to start with your local area or try one that says National.

Additional helplines

If you’re in the U.S. and feeling distress related to any war or conflict anywhere in the world, you’re not alone. The National Disaster Distress Helpline offers 24/7 support in 100+ languages via 3rd party interpretation at 1-800-985-5990. More info in multiple languages found here.

Struggling? Get free, confidential support from a real human over phone, text or webchat. Help worldwide can be found through

Global Mental Health Resources – CheckPoint ( Wherever You Are, Whatever You Need: Local Websites And Emergency Contact Numbers

Help – The Mental Illness Happy Hour

International Resources: Crisis and Warmlines – Supportiv

Text-Based Support

Health Chat Rooms

7cups is an on-demand emotional health service and online therapy provider. This site/app is text based and the majority of the offerings are FREE. Chat 1:1 with volunteer listeners, participate in group chat rooms, forums/communities based on various mental health and community types, use self-help guides, Q&A, and more. Or volunteer as a listener and get some basic training on active listening and more.

Letters Against Depression

Member Recommended Facebook groups:

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Zebra Support Group)

Narcolepsy Support

Medical Musings with Friends

Rise from mental health  | Facebook

A SMARTer Way 2 Recover & 1 on 1 Peer Support

Survivors of Mass Violence

Dark Secrets

MPH Peer Support – Mental and Physical Health Peer Support community is a small secret group — contact Blue on Facebook to be added

Misc. Support group and meet up options

Meetup and Eventbrite offer a wide variety of ways to connect with people both locally in person and have also greatly increased their selection of online options on topics of interest include mental health support.

10 Online Support Groups for Anyone Struggling Right Now | SELF

How to Use Mozilla Hubs to Hang Out With Friends Online

Stay Connected With These 7 Awesome Virtual Activities

There are many, many other online and local support groups. We will be adding to this list and encourage you to submit additional sites for finding these groups as well as articles the help explain the value of such groups and how to find them.

Have a resource that belongs on this page? Submit it to us with a quick note telling us where it belongs and what it is on our Submit Resources page here.

This is far from a comprehensive list and we are always looking to add additional resources to our list. If you know of additional Video Call support groups, text based support groups or other similar online live support please use the Contact form on our Home Page so we can add them!

Below is a number of sources for groups but please also see our Google calendar of drop in groups found on it’s own page HERE!

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